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Famed musician Alicia Keys is offering 5 “golden” tickets to Africa to anyone who is willing to donate $5 and text “alive” to 90999. Keys has called her trip “life-changing” and would like to share that with 5 charitable texters: http://keepachildalive.org/textalive/


In this tough economy, celebrity endorsers are having to work even harder for the brands they represent, especially since new endorsements are so hard to come by.  Companies like PepsiCo, MolsenCoors, and AT&T are expecting more “bang for their buck” from the celebrities who are endorsing their products.  The article gives a great example of a business partnership between an A-list celebrity, Alicia Keys, and corporate sponsor, Yamaha, whose line of pianos is endorsed by Keys in her music videos and at national merchandising shows.  As the article points out, Yamaha, as the maker of fine pianos, continually wants more from its celebrity endorsers, which in addition to Alicia Keys, includes the legendary performing icon, Elton John.  While Keys and John are collecting royalties on their signature keyboard and piano lines, they are also being asked by Yamaha to make more appearances in front of the camera and on-stage with the Yamaha brand name front and center.

Another example of a corporate sponsor trying to find every way possible to promote its brand is Proctor & Gamble, whose TAG body spray is being promoted through a music record label, run by TAG spokesman and rapper, Jermaine Dupre, whose job is to find young talent.  Through the exposure of the record label, Proctor & Gamble hopes to gain more exposure for its line of body spray.  Please click here for the entire article in BusinessWeek:


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