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Help Bryan Clay and his foundation to help kids lead healthy lifestyles:

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Often referred to as the World’s Greatest Athlete,  Clay has recently gone largely unnoticed since winning the Gold Medal last August in Beijing,

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We all have heard of social networking sites and their usage, which has dramatically increased in the last few years.  Social networking websites can be used for business or for personal usage.  Some popular business social networking sites include LinkedIn, Plaxo, Biznik, Spoke, and Xing.  What about the idea of social networking for athletes?

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There is a relatively new social networking website for high school athletes, called Takkle, whose parent company, Takkle, Inc., was founded by David Birnbaum in 2006.  This site allows high school athletes of almost any sport to post information about themselves (statistics, pictures, videos) in order to increase their visibility among college recruiters, who frequent the site for information on their target athletes.  The interactivity for the high school athlete who joins Takkle comes in the form of friendship with other athletes, joining groups, challenging rival athletes to competitions, etc.  This website definitely goes to show how much social media is now a part of intercollegiate, professional, and even high school athletics.  Check out the Takkle website at this link:


Another great social networking idea for athletes is Prolebrity, which features profiles on professional athletes, which contain links to their personal websites, what charities they participate in, as well as recent business/charity events that they have either hosted or participated in.  Another unique feature of this website is the “Athlete Event and Business Finder,” which is a map that you search for athlete events by state.  Lastly, there are athletes that regularly have blog entries syndicated on Prolebrity, including Heather Mitts, a soccer player for the U.S. national team and Merrill Hodge, former NFL player and current ESPN football analyst.  Lamar Woodley, outside linebacker for the Pittsburgh Steelers, also has blog entries posted to the website.


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